About Us

Dynamic Energy Services is a full-service lighting retrofit company specializing in energy saving illumination and controls upgrades. Since 1996, DES has been providing energy efficient lighting solutions to the Canadian market. DES is a specialty lighting contractor, capable of providing lighting solutions for a diverse range of applications ranging from general illumination to highly specialized solutions. DES delivers industry leading lighting retrofit project services in all provinces and territories in Canada.

We are an industry leader; on a mission to drive energy efficiency in Canada’s built environments. Our commitment and passion for energy efficient lighting stems from our corporate values: sustainability, client-value, environmental-quality, and integrity. As we face down the climate crisis, we are ready to do our part to reduce emissions by delivering an integrated energy reduction service offering for the Canadian lighting retrofit market. Our team of sustainability professionals is here to help you achieve the pinnacle of energy efficiency through the intelligent application of technology.


Illuminating a more sustainable future.


Combat carbon emissions and optimize efficiency in Canada’s built environments by delivering advanced lighting and control services with dedication to value, quality, and integrity.


Dynamic Energy Services Inc. is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all those impacted by our work. It is Dynamic Energy Service Inc.’s goal to perform all business operations in a safe and effective manner, which will not adversely affect staff, clients, the public, or the environment. Incorporating health and safety practices into all phases of Dynamic Energy Services operations emphasizes responsible, sound and efficient management s the safety of every employee is an integral component of our business practice.


Dynamic Energy Services is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the Environment, both on a local and global scale. As a business participating in the green economy, we will strive to set a leading example for environmentally conscious business in Canada.