Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Public School Board Building

Scope of Work

Through several phases of lighting retrofits, DES has completed a number of targeted lighting retrofit and controls projects throughout CEPEO’s building inventory. The program has included the redesign of numerous gymnasiums with new LED highbays and dimming controls, exterior lighting retrofits and improvements, and general space retrofits through classrooms, corridors, staff and support spaces. Projects have also been completed at the in diverse and specialized spaces including the Board offices (pictured), a substantial performing arts theater and a major sports-dome that houses a full-size soccer field, running track and basketball courts.  

Project Highlights:

Through successive annual phases of energy saving projects, the LED Retrofit program is on track to accumulate more than 5,550,000 kWh in energy savings by the end of year 5. At a blended rate of $0.13/kWh that equates to $721,500 in electrical savings. Just like compounding interest, regular investments in energy savings can pay big dividends! In addition to the savings, the board has secured valuable utility rebates, all while improving the school environment with high quality LED light sources and making a positive environmental impact.